APS Gives Back

This portion of the shop is dedicated to raising funds for causes that are important to me. Even though I don't yet run a large business, I know that every little bit helps. If I can donate $10 or $1000 to places that I care about and give you a piece of art in the process, then I will consider my job done!

For now (as my business is still small), all donations will be going to one organization—the National Cancer Institute. They have not endorsed this in any way—but I picked them because the money they receive goes to a variety of different pursuits—whether it's to advance cancer research, train new scientists, help fund Camp Fantastic (a week of fun for children undergoing cancer treatment), or assisting patients with financial needs, just to name a few. 

50% of all proceeds from the sales of products on this page will be given to the National Cancer Institute. I will be making donations twice a year through the NCI Gift Fund. If you have any questions about this (or anything else!), never hesitate to get in touch!

Whether you're buying a piece because you simply like the art or because you want to join me in helping a worthwhile cause (or both!), I am grateful for you!